Poems From Our Friends
What we Cannot See
by Lanette Kissel

The skeptics may ponder the plausibility
of believing in what we cannot see.
To know in our hearts there is a God above,
to be certain because we have seen His love.
To study the Bible and believe in The Word,
to utter a prayer knowing it will be heard.
To believe in a Great Physician who can cure every ill
without the use of a wonder drug or powerful pill.
To know He is our Father, and we're children of His
and our short lives on earth isn't all that there is.
To believe His Son, Jesus died on a cross to win
our eternal home in Heaven and forgiveness of sin.
To have faith in the God we love and adore,
looking forward to all that Heaven will be, and more.

by Lanette Kissel

The one who was here before the world began.
He formed the Earth then created man.
He is our gracious loving Father all seeing, all knowing.
His loving care for His children ever showing, ever growing.

Jesus Christ
The one who came to us of humble birth.
To build a bridge between Heaven and Earth.
The one who bore the weight of our sin.
So that for hopeless man new life can begin.

The Holy Spirit
The one who was sent to show us the way.
So that we can live  more like Him everyday.
The one to guide us on this journey we have begun.
So that our lives can bear witness for the Son.
God's There
by David Fox

When in despair...God's there.
When you need love and care...God''s there.
When you are feeling blue...God's there.
When you don't know what to do...God's there.
When you feel you are friendless...God's there.
The possiblilties are endless...God's there.
Know He's always there for you
and He loves you true and true...God's there.